Direct v2.0

Orbiter Spaceflight Simulator 2007 - DIRECT Plugin

If you would like to fly DIRECT yourself, we have a DIRECT add-on package for the free Orbiter Spaceflight Simulator. This is the simulator used to create all of our video sequences, and with the program below, you too can fly the launcher yourself.

The first version of DIRECT add-on is available: v0.1. This is a demo release containing the Version 1 variant of the Jupiter-120 Crew Launch Vehicle, integrated with a demo CEV (by Franz Berner). We are working on more DIRECT variants, payloads, mission profiles and improve the implementation in later releases (from v0.1 towards v1.0).

If you wish to try this early - development - version in the comfort of your home computer, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Orbiter2006P1 Base Package

You will require version 060929 of Orbiter installed on your PC.

You can download and install the software from here:

Detailed instructions are on that site describing how to install the package.

In short, you will need to create a new folder for the Orbiter program to be installed into, and then you need to extract the zip file's contents into that folder while retaining the folder structure. You may require a program like WinZip or PowerArchiver to extract the contents.

The other optional packages there are not specifically required to use DIRECT, but the high resolution Earth textures and Sound add-ons can enhance the experience.

Step 2: DIRECT Add-on

After installing Orbiter, you can download and install the specific DIRECT add-on package, available from:

Direct SDLV 0.1

Unzip the package into the top level of the Orbiter folder, again ensuring you retain the folder structure.

You can immediately begin using Orbiter with the DIRECT add-on at this time, but to improve the experience further, we recommend you read the accompanying documentation & Flight Manual located in the \Doc\NASA_DirectSDLV\ folder.

To improve the experience you can also add the following extra packages:

Step 3: Orbiter Sound

An external module which adds sound to the Orbiter simulator. DIRECT will use this sound module if it is available.

Download and follow the instructions from:

Step 4: ESAS CEV

The CEV included with the DIRECT package is not a fully functional module, merely a 3D model of the stowed spacecraft and mass simulator. It is possible to make it fully functional though.

To achieve this, you will need an extra package available from here:

This package will allow the Orbiter 'pilot' to control the solar arrays, docking systems, reaction control system and main propulsion of the CEV, allowing complete missions to be simulated

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